Semi-Automated Material Handling System for Large Parts

Concept design of a semi-automated system that handles large parts for a relatively low cost. As with any of our designs it can be customized as needed to fit your exact requirements.

Large Diameter Pipe Thread Milling Machine Concept

  • This concept design was created for a customer who needed to be able to thread long lengths of pipe, with diameters as large as 60 inch. The pipe material was steel and they wanted to be able to cut ID and OD threads on each length as quickly as possible.
  • We designed the machine to mill the threads, since multiple threads could be cut at once and this is much faster than single point turning. With properly designed tooling, which we also provided a concept for, thread milling has the added advantage of  producing small chips which can be easily removed with a floor conveyor. We designed the spindle with 80 HP and 1700 Nm continuous torque to provide extremely high metal removal rates.
  • The rotating X axis assembly controls cut diameter and is helically interpolated with the CZ axes while cutting. The spindle assembly is designed with a mechanical counterbalance so it remains perfectly balanced, regardless of cut diameter.
  • The height of the clamps are servo controlled and have the capability to move the pipe up and down, and the cutting head assembly has the capability to move left and right so the pipe can be automatically centered, based on touch probe data.
  • The rotating CX axis assembly weighs more than 17,000 lbs. and is supported by a large diameter pre-loaded crossed roller bearing for accuracy and rigidity. The rotational positioning axis is controlled with dual servo driven pinions to ensure zero backlash and precise thread pitch.

6 Axis Trim and Drill Machine

Concept design for a machine to trim and drill halfway around 22′ diameter x 25′ long fuselage sections without re-positioning. Designed with surface detection to provide precise depth control for processes such as countersinks and beveled edges.

5 Axis Contour Profiler

Concept design for a high speed contour profiler for the aerospace industry. Designed to mill monolithic structural components from solid aluminum billets. Dual tables enable a part to be machined continuously on one table while another part is loaded and unloaded on the other table.

5 Axis Router

Concept design for a medium sized 5 axis router. All axes are direct driven for high speed operation, together with extremely high accuracy and reliability.