Stack Routing System

Complete system designed and built according to customer requirements, including automated loading and unloading, automatic de-tabbing, and linear motors for the ultimate in accuracy, speed and reliability.

Flexible Tooling System

Programmable fixture used in the aerospace industry to hold curved parts. Designed with 300 closely spaced actuators to hold customer’s thin aluminum skins. Design was literally from the ground up including pit, foundation, tables, actuators and end effectors.

Electrode Threading Machine

The customer experienced reliability problems with the original design
that was caused by graphite cutting particles becoming embedded in the X-axis drive system. We eliminated the problem by re-designing the X-axis stage so that the axis drive system was isolated from the cutting chamber.

Large Diameter Pipe Thread Milling Machine Concept

Designed to mill precision threads in pipe from 12″ OD to 60″ OD. Pipe is automatically centered to maintain uniform wall thickness. Threads are milled for high metal removal rates, and to avoid stringy cuttings that occur with single point turning.

6 Axis Trim and Drill Machine

Concept design for a machine to trim and drill halfway around 22′ diameter x 25′ long fuselage sections without re-positioning. Designed with surface detection to provide precise depth control for processes such as countersinks and beveled edges.

5 Axis Contour Profiler

Concept design for a high speed contour profiler for the aerospace industry. Designed to mill monolithic structural components from solid aluminum billets. Dual tables enable a part to be machined continuously on one table while another part is loaded and unloaded on the other table.

5 Axis Router

Concept design for a medium sized 5 axis router. All axes are direct driven for high speed operation, together with extremely high accuracy and reliability.

Semi-Automated Material Handling System for Large Parts

Concept design of a semi-automated system that handles large parts for a relatively low cost. As with any of our designs it can be customized as needed to fit your exact requirements.